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How To Sell Your House Fast, Easy & On The Day Of Your Choice

Selling a house is usually an expensive and complicated process. That’s why real estate agents make thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars on a single sale. But, when I buy your house, there are no commissions to pay.  We buy houses Richmond VA can help you today.  Call us at 804-496-1203.

And you certainly won’t have to tolerate dozens of total and sometimes frightening strangers tramping through your home and poking through your drawers and closets.

My name is Jim Ingersoll.  We Buy Houses Richmond VA is backed by a group of private investors and we buy a number of houses each month… and in every price range and in all kinds of good and bad conditions. But the best part is… we use private funds that require no long, drawn out bank approvals. So we can act fast!

I can usually close very fast.  We also buy your home as-is so you don’t need to endure an inspection and repairs.

I’m as serious about buying your house as you are about selling it.

3 brand new testimonials on homes we recently purchased in the Richmond Metro:

“Jim.  You made selling my Mom’s home in Short Pump so easy.  You did all the work including cleaning it out and buying it as-is.  THANK YOU – Peter Copp – Poughkeepsie, NY”

“Thanks for buying my Father’s rental property in Eastern Henrico.  It was fast and so easy with the closing right at Apex Title in Innsbrook!  Angie”

“Jim – Thanks so much for a fast and easy closing on our families property located at 15 E. 35th St in South Richmond.  We had tried selling with a Realtor and that did not work, but you bought our house as is and paid cash which made it much easier….  Patrick, William, Michelle Lawson (Family)”



“Now I have a plan for my house that will enable my family to really begin moving our lives forward.  I would recommend Jim Ingersoll and we buy Richmond houses to everyone. I am extremely grateful for their willingness to work with me and am very pleased with their business.”
– R. Arrasmith Hopewell, VA

That’s the biggest difference between We Buy Houses Fast and a typical listing with a real estate agent. An agent will list your house… hoping it sells within 3 to 6 months. I want to buy your house… now! That’s a huge difference when you’re the one with the house for sale.

Many Real Estate Agents will list five, ten, even dozens of houses at a time, and it’s rare if an agent can give all their properties their close personal attention. It’s no wonder that a listed home can sometimes take a long time to sell while you, the owner, are stuck maintaining the property and making house payments month after month.

What’s your alternative? Of course you could just sell it yourself — without an agent. After all, who knows more about the house than you do?

But consider this… How many houses have you bought and sold in your life? Two, maybe three? You haven’t had to solve even a fraction of the typical problems that can pop up — right before closing.

Remember, buying a house is a big decision for most people and it’s easy for them to get “spooked.” At the first sign of a complication or small problem like a lien, necessary repairs, mold, lead based paint or one of the other typical closing glitches, they can run like a scared jackrabbit.

Then you have to start all over at square one — it’s a frustrating experience.


Plus, when you try to sell it yourself, you still have to put up with dozens of strangers trampling through your home — only now you’ll have to be there yourself. For some owners, that’s a scary thought.

And what if you need to move fast? You could dump the price and hope someone will steal your house, but can you afford to do that? Or, you could go ahead, move out, and leave it with the agent. And every month, while making two huge mortgage payments (most people find that tough to swallow), you hope and pray that someone will buy your old house next month — and the next — and the next. Of course, that’s assuming you can even qualify for a new mortgage with the old one still on your back.

And when it’s sitting vacant, what’s going to stop someone from climbing through the kitchen window, stealing your copper, vandalizing your heat pump and tearing up your property?

Frankly, that’s more worry and aggravation than most people need in a lifetime.

Pretty grim, huh? Which way do you turn? To a Realtor with dozens of other listings to handle? Selling on your own and sweating out financing details, lost buyerrs, last minute closing “surprises”? Moving out and hoping you don’t get some midnight call with “bad news” about your house?

Here’s a better solution — a way out with We Buy Houses Richmond VA


When we buy your house the Easy Way, “as is” for a fair price on your date of choice, we might help you AVOID…

* Putting your house on the market entirely…

* Coming out of pocket with money if you have little or no equity…

* Relying on an agent to perform or keep their promises…

* Doing fix-up work to please a picky buyer…

* Becoming an unwanted landlord…

* Counting on a bank to approve your buyer’s loan…

* Having your buyer back out at the last minute…

* Paying prepayment penalties…

* Having the cash you need NOW tied up in your house…

* Struggling with the uncertainty of when it will sell…

* Making house payments you can no longer afford…

* Making payments on a vacant house…

* Foreclosure or bankruptcy…

If your property qualifies and I come out to see it, I will provide you with a firm written offer. I’ll explain everything to you in plain, everyday English. I’ll be 100% direct, clear and honest with you… from start to finish.

In fact, I can usually “pre-qualify” your home right over the phone, in just a few minutes. That can save us both time.

If we come to an agreement, I can pay all cash with no contingencies.


That’s because (unlike most potential buyers) I don’t have to sell another house first. And if you want, we can close in just a week. I’ll handle all of the paperwork and make all the arrangements … and you can get on with your life!

I don’t yet know your particular reasons for selling, but I do know how to get your house closed as quickly, and professionally as possible.

Imagine, by this time next week your house could be sold.  How would that make you feel?


Can I really buy your house this quickly and easily? Maybe, maybe not. A lot of it depends on you. If you want to get above market price for your house, don’t bother calling me. I’m a professional and I do expect to make a profit. But I’m not out to steal your house either.

You’ll get an offer for the same Cash for your equity as if you had sold it the slow traditional way, but without all the headaches, without all the inconveniences and without all the wondering when it will sell. You can get your house sold on the date that you prefer. My profit will come from my future buyer. I make a profit by selling it without the use of a real estate agent. It’s that simple.

Does your property meet my requirements? Call my office and let’s find out. We buy all types of real estate and I can quickly determine if your house fits my investment needs. If I don’t end up buying your house, I’ll be happy to share ideas or advice on what you might try next. You’ll still have all your other options available. You have nothing to lose by calling us first.

So, if you want to learn more or if you have any questions, call me right away 804-496-1203.  We’ll gather a few facts, do a little research and call you back to schedule a time to come see you house where you’ll get an immediate offer right then and there.

All information you provide will be held confidential.

Fair enough?

Call now or submit the details about your house for sale 24 hours a day right here on our Fast Response Form. Otherwise, call me now at 804-496-1203.  We buy houses Richmond VA is here to help you right now.



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